People had been 146 indigenous Gloss speakers (96 females, 50 males) hired regarding some traits of one’s Jagiellonian School within the Krakow

People had been 146 indigenous Gloss speakers (96 females, 50 males) hired regarding some traits of one’s Jagiellonian School within the Krakow


Its indicate many years is Meters = thirty two.7; SD = , ages ranged from 18 to 69 ages. The members volunteered to take part in the study through to told concur, in addition they didn’t found settlement (monetary otherwise) because of their contribution. All of the tests displayed on the report have been authorized by the Ethics Panel of the Jagiellonian College or university Institute regarding Applied Psychology

Information and you may Techniques

I utilized a similarity judgment task such as for instance within the Vigliocco et al. (2005), and that consisted of to provide players which have triads from nouns. Brand new nouns building the newest triads belonged to just one from about three categories: conceptual nouns (e.grams., build, time), terms speaking about inanimate items and you will conditions making reference to pet. For each and every triad consisted of nouns from a single category, i.age., animals just weren’t blended with inanimate stuff and you can/or conceptual ideas. The entire set of stimuli is shown inside the Appendix dos.

For each and every triad contains two nouns of the same grammatical intercourse (two feminine or one or two male) and another noun of some other grammatical intercourse. Because of this for each and every triad got often the fresh new MMF framework (a few masculine words and one women keyword) or FFM construction (a couple female terms and something masculine phrase) – into the randomized purchase. The fresh new nouns creating the new triad belonged to 1 off about three classes: 16 abstract nouns, particularly: time (Meters in the Shine), form (F during the Gloss); sixteen inanimate stuff, particularly: key (M), needle (F); 12 conditions dealing with pet, such as for example: bison (M), zebra (F). As can feel indexed, we utilized fewer pets (12). So it lead from the simple fact that i then followed rigorous selection requirements. First of all, they were creature names which have a certain grammatical gender, but ones that don’t imply the brand new physiological sex of your own animal, and so the exact same term means both male and you will girls of style of animal. For example the terminology lew (lion) and you will lwica (lioness) might be averted, because they certainly suggest the fresh new animal’s biological intercourse, restricting the newest stimuli so you can terms and conditions instance zyrafa (and this ways one another a female and male giraffe). Subsequently, we chosen pets which do not have special possess which will getting a clear requirement for selecting a few stuff inside the an effective triad (e.grams., in the event the one or two dogs originated Africa and another in the Snowy Network, then the host to resource could easily feel a beneficial expectations having categorization). Also, if there are a couple of mammals plus one reptile regarding triad, up coming this might end up being the requirement preference. Therefore we selected animals hence all of the belonged towards category of exotic even-toed ungulates. The choice standard was the fresh new resemblance to look at, decisions and also the environment of one’s pet. To many other particular nouns, i applied a similar rule. As such, i prevented situations in which a couple of items in tips for dating a Android a triad might have an obvious prominent element, which could be utilized given that a beneficial categorization traditional. Various other addition requisite is high phrase utilize regularity, to prevent an even more careful study of one’s meaning of your terminology which could happen having not familiar nouns, and might cause a conscious entry to grammatical intercourse whenever performing the task (such as I am not sure new meanings of the words but they are both feminine).

I used counterbalancing so you can guarantee that additional phrase combinations is used. Triads had been constructed using every you are able to about three-noun combos (that have reps) within this for each and every category, yielding 153 triads for conceptual nouns and you can artifacts per, and 91 triads having pet. Out of these types of offered triads, i written seven kits for the abstract terms and items (64 triads each) and 4 kits to possess animals (forty-five triads for each). In the eventuality of dogs there were less groups of triads, since the a lot fewer conditions introduced the brand new rigid alternatives techniques described more than (6 masculine gender terms and you can 6 women gender words).

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