She as well as mentions their trust that Jim and you will Pam’s matchmaking provides fallen apart

She as well as mentions their trust that Jim and you will Pam’s matchmaking provides fallen apart

Cathy Simms

Cathy try introduced in the ”Pam’s Replacement” since the a short-term replacement Pam, that is 9 weeks expecting and you may going to go on maternity log off. Many of the office workers cherish the lady elegance, but reassure Pam one to she’s also stunning. This leads to Pam to feel a little vulnerable, though shorter as this woman is jealous out-of Cathy plus therefore just like the she seems anyone except Dwight will be untruthful in order to the girl. She asks Jim if the he finds Cathy rationally attractive. Jim repeatedly denies it, but Pam was suspicious. Jim justifies his answer inside the a speaking lead interviews, saying “I am not saying planning tell my personal nine-months-expecting wife that i discover her replacement fairly attractive. Same as I am not saying gonna give my a few-year-dated des is actually fairly more pleasurable. It is a fact, nonetheless it doesn’t let anybody.” Pam enlists the help of Dwight to decide in the event that Jim is actually lying on becoming interested in Cathy. To take action, Dwight devises a lay detector test in the form of good store blood pressure screen. Dwight very first deduces you to definitely Jim is not being honest regarding maybe not looking for Cathy glamorous, but also cards one to Jim’s hypertension is high on all of the his responses, as well as their baseline question. Pam rapidly learns Jim enjoys hypertension, and you can forgets about the matter so you can run their partner’s health.

In Year 8 Episode 14, when Pam has returned out of the girl pregnancy exit, in one of the deleted scenes, it is shown you to Cathy recently separated that have a keen abusive date. Even in the event she wants to come back with him, she convinces herself not to ever once the she is actually disappointed. She is plus viewed which have a nervous breakdown as Pam try as well as one she’s going to come off because there is no work with their. During the ”After hours” Cathy touches Stanley, Dwight, Jim, Erin, and you can Ryan toward a corporate trip to Florida. Prior to boarding the new shuttle, Cathy was talking for the cellular telephone which have an as yet not known people implying you to she believes she and Jim usually hook in the Florida.

On to arrive during the Fl, Cathy sticks alongside Jim, teasing which have him (even if Jim cannot apparently find, and you can cannot reciprocate) and you can trying introduce a closer connection with him. One-night, shortly after Jim departs the fresh new group’s collecting in the resort bar very early, Cathy appears noticeably disturb and just have leaves. Later on, Cathy, sporting a telltale dress, appears at the Jim’s door in which they have been relaxing and you will enjoying baseball on television within his space. She says that there surely is an issue with the newest temperatures in her own room and you will asks if she will hang which have Jim when you find yourself she delays for this to be fixed. Jim unwillingly believes, familiar with brand new possibly improper nature from Cathy’s head to. He anxiously tries to enable it to be very he’s not alone with Cathy, also getting in touch with Dwight underneath the pretense there exists sleep bugs in his space. Dwight clears the area of the imaginary bed bugs, whether or not his looks contributes to Cathy saying one to the woman is grossed aside and therefore she means a bath, and that she continues to take in Jim’s hotel room. During a beneficial bathrobe to the his bed, Cathy attempts to get Jim feeling the lady feet. The guy immediately conveys his pain and you may reminds Cathy that he is cheerfully . Cathy feigns treat and disbelief, and you will assures Jim one to their go to is actually purely innocent. Jim apologizes, though he finds out Cathy is not being completely truthful when she cuddles upwards alongside your in bed. Jim later on comes back regarding toilet discover Cathy significantly less than the newest discusses within their lingerie, and you can says to their that she has to hop out. Cathy attempts to guarantees him that this woman is innocent, however, Jim try incredulous and vehemently purchases this lady to go away. During that time, Dwight (again pointing out sleep insects) comes into the bedroom that have an as yet not known ”chemical material” and begins squirt it everywhere. So it finally forces Cathy aside, particularly when Jim campaigns Dwight with the jet the chemical substances to Cathy, saying that he observes bed pests near the woman. Cathy actually leaves screaming. Dwight informs Jim his college accommodation are a good biohazard and implies which he bunk that have Cathy. Jim ends up rooming with Dwight.

From inside the a removed scene Pam calls Jim at their college accommodation, in which Cathy responses the telephone after which hand the telephone so you’re able to Jim. Unpleasant, Pam requires just what she actually is doing from the college accommodation and you can he identifies what happened and her obvious objectives. Through to recognizing Cathy’s were not successful aim, Pam teases Jim throughout the their the ”girlfriend”, and he ends up the telephone call by the expressing his displeasure which have Cathy’s undesired visibility.

Cathy can be seen once again, into the grand starting of your own Sabre store within the Fl. She attempts to just take Jim’s appeal, but he blatantly ignores the girl. Their past appearance is at new meeting where Robert Ca fireplaces Todd Packer to your Sabre Shop. It is unknown what happened to help you Cathy, but this woman is not any longer viewed within Dunder Mifflin or perhaps. It may be inferred you to definitely Cathy sometimes decided to remain in Florida, made a decision to works elsewhere otherwise is discharged alongside Todd Packer.


Centered on John Krasinski, there were intends to establish a scene depicting Jim making out having Cathy within the Jim’s college accommodation. Krasinski objected on plan, even refusing downright so you can shoot the scene when he thought this carry out potentially push out the audience’s goodwill in terms of the profile in the event it would be to exists. [1]

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